Sunday, May 26
Memorial Day Weekend
Southern Music Fest
Featuring Confederate Railroad
with guests David Ball and Rexton Lee

Gates open 5:00 pm
Show starts 6:30 pm

Make sure you are on the lawn at the Lake Martin Amphitheater as we kick off our first concert of the season Sunday May 26th.

Confederate Railroad
Few acts have carved as distinctive a niche in modern musical history as Confederate Railroad. With their high-energy combination of honky-tonk rockers, sensitive ballads, and offbeat humor, they have created a unique identity that has brought them chart success, multi-platinum sales, and continued popularity as a road band. Versatility, likeability, and a willingness to stretch boundaries are all part of the mix, but if there is a formula, not even they can put their finger on it.

Founder/frontman Danny Shirley says"There's nothing profound about this, we've been playing music in one form or another for 20 years, and we still enjoy it. One reason is that we do material we like. We do what we want the way we want, regardless of the consequences." It is a strategy they have employed since the band's early days in the 1980s.

CRR may be a little tamer these days ("We can get as wild as we always did, just not as often"), but they're still providing both poignant moments and pure fun, and enjoying all of it. "You start playing music in your bedroom because it's fun, an enjoyable part of your life," Shirley says. "Then as you start to become successful at it, it becomes a business. If you're fortunate, and you're around long enough, it gets to be fun again, and that's where it is for me."


June 13
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June 14
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Lake Martin Amphitheater

July 4
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August 16
"Obsessed" Christian Music Festival

August 31
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